April 1, 2015 Update from Mission Of Hope Chair

April 1, 2015 Update from Mission Of Hope Chair

Dear Supporter of the Mission of Hope:

I am excited to tell you that the Ebola situation has improved enough so that Kip Robinson, our Missionary in Sierra Leone, will be returning to Freetown later this month. This means the Mission of Hope can begin to implement plans for 2015. As you may recall this is long term project requiring tens of thousands of dollars and multiple trips of teams to Sierra Leone. Over a quarter million people are without health care resulting in the highest maternal and child death rates in the world. This is a tremendous opportunity to combat disease and save lives. But we need your help.

In May 2014 a third mission team sponsored by Wrightsville United Methodist Church and the North Carolina Conference in partnership with the Sierra Leone Annual Conference visited Rotifunk. On May 24th, this team witnessed the first of what we envision will be many successful celebrations of this great partnership, the rededication of Rotifunk Hospital as a vital institution of healing and mercy, especially for women and children.   During the week, the team worked with the people of Rotifunk to clean, paint, and set up medical equipment.  Even more important, they strengthened the partnership and continued to give the community hope. Between May and the end of 2014, while the hospital helped to fight the Ebola epidemic, the Mission of Hope completed the deep water well project and sent a 40’ container of much needed medicine, medical supplies and equipment to support the development of the hospital. Praise the Lord!

Even with the Ebola epidemic under God’s leadership we have achieved a great deal, but we have also depleted our funds. So we continue to need your support. In 2015 the hospital needs a water storage system, a continuous source of power, a site plan, as well as equipment and supplies to provide health care. We are also planning to send two teams to Rotifunk by years end and we need to develop better materials to tell our story throughout the conference. We are reaching out regionally, nationally and internationally to partner with those willing to turn the hospital’s campus into a beacon of hope and wellness in Sierra Leone.

We would like for you to be a supporter of this vital mission through:

  1. Your prayers. Please pray for the leadership of the mission, the hearts of the team members and the people they will serve.
  2. Your financial support. You will be making a significant impact in the lives of the people of Rotifunk.
  3. Your support of the Board or participation on a mission team.

God bless you,

Dale Smith

Chair, Mission of Hope Board of Directors

If you do wish to give monetarily, please make your check out to Wrightsville United Methodist Church and on the memo line put: Mission of Hope: Rotifunk Hospital. Mail c/o WUMC, Wrightsville Beach, NC, 4 Live Oak Drive, Wrighstville Beach, NC 28480. Wrightsville UMC is a non-profit, 501 (c) (3) organization, employer number 56-1156192.