Give Globally on Giving Tuesday, November 29th

Give Globally on Giving Tuesday, November 29th

The week after Thanksgiving is cyber week in which millions of people in our country are spending their Tuesday online shopping. Instead, let’s spend our resources on saving and changing the lives of people who are frequently neglected. We must take a minute in our daily lives to remember the thousands to millions of impoverished mothers, fathers, children, babies, siblings living worldwide who are praying for our help.

Give globally to the people living in West Africa. People who struggle every single day of their life to stay alive.

Daily, mothers in Rotifunk are consumed by the death of their undelivered baby and themselves when the time has come to bear their baby. This is because of the dismal hospital conditions that require our help to change. Rotifunk hospital averages over 80 births a month. If surgery is required, the mother must be transported to another hospital approximately 60 miles away and over very bad dirt roads. Some don’t even make it…..

The time to help is now! The hospital needs a reliable source of power, an anesthesia machine, a cautery and a nurse anesthesiologist among many other things. It is absolutely urgent. For normal deliveries, baby delivery kits including the necessary supplies to successfully deliver the baby are needed. Newborn baby packages are desperately needed too, which include the essential items to properly care for babies during the most vulnerable early days of life.

Let’s make an impact, together.