MOH: COVID-19 Update

May 5, 2020

COVID-19 Update

As you all know, we are amidst a global pandemic, and with Sierra Leone being on the other side of the world it makes it hard to stay in the know! Here is an update on the current COVID situation in Sierra Leone! Look out for an article coming soon about how Mission of Hope is helping supply Rotifunk Hospital with proper PPE and equipment to fight COVID!
February 2020 update from Rotifunk
February statistics from Rotifunk: Number of women registered into Madonna – 45 Number of Madonna deliveries (including a set of twins and a c-section) – 9 Number of Outreach trips 5 Number of Madonna Pregnant Women seen at Antenatal clinic – 188 patients seen on the combined 5 outreach visits Watch this video by outreaches in December, when the Mission Team was there.
Read about The Madonna Project, experiences from the latest mission team, and a recap of 2019 progress in the Mission of Hope Newsletter.

January 2, 2020

Fall 2019 Newsletter!

Read all about Mission of Hope: Rotifunk happenings in the fall news of 2019!
The calabash is a treasured gourd that can serve as a decoration, a favorite kitchen tool or even as a musical instrument. In Sierra Leone the broken calabash has a second meaning. When whispered in safe company, it means another mother has died in childbirth. The whispers are used because somehow perinatal mortality is perceived as the mother’s fault and brings shame to the family. So the secrecy continues. Doris K. (not her real name)