The week after Thanksgiving is cyber week in which millions of people in our country are spending their Tuesday online shopping. Instead, let’s spend our resources on saving and changing the lives of people who are frequently neglected. We must take a minute in our daily lives to remember the thousands to millions of impoverished mothers, fathers, children, babies, siblings living worldwide who are praying for our help. Give globally to the people living in West Africa.
The Mission of Hope team took off to Rotifunk on November 9th and landed safe and sound. We are looking forward to hearing updates from the team! Until then, check out an article by Star News on the Mission of Hope team! Mission of Hope: Rotifunk grew out of a request that Wrightsville United Methodist Church help rebuild a hospital in Rotifunk, Sierra Leone. The local faith-based nonprofit Mission of Hope: Rotifunk, is helping rebuild
October 25, 2016 | 6 pm to 7 pm Wrightsville United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall 4 Live Oak Dr. Wilmington, NC 28480 Mission of Hope is excited to send off a Mission of Hope team to Rotifunk, Sierra Leone! The mission team will depart November 9, 2016 and return November 20, 2016. Please save the date and join us as we celebrate and send off a passionate and dedicated mission team! There will be light appetizers and
It has been over two years since the people of Sierra Leone were overcome by the Ebola outbreak, which led to the deaths of 3,955 people. Sierra Leone was the second worst-hit country. Many people were left without husbands, mothers, sisters, children, and families due to the country’s dismal healthcare delivery system. Sierra Leone is among the top three countries with the poorest healthcare system in the world. The country’s inadequate supply of clean and
Rev. Henri Zombil Mission of Hope is excited to introduce Rev. Henri (pronounced ONRÉ) Zombil as the new health services administrator for the Sierra Leone Annual Conference at Rotifunk Hospital in West Africa! He is a missionary with the General Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church and was commissioned in May of 2016. Henri was ordained in 2012 and is an elder in the Florida Annual Conference. He holds multiple master’s degrees