The 2015 year proved difficult at times for the hospital but through the spirit of the community, hospital staff, and multiple organizations working in unison, the hospital achieved many strides. Continued Care by Rotifunk Hospital The Ebola epidemic impeded the Moyamba West Local Health Management Committee including Mission of Hope from addressing issues regarding the functioning of Rotifunk Hospital. After a formal letter was written declaring the area Ebola-free in November of 2015, people began to take cautionary steps to move forward with the hospital’s
Dear Supporter of the Mission of Hope: I am excited to tell you that the Ebola situation has improved enough so that Kip Robinson, our Missionary in Sierra Leone, will be returning to Freetown later this month. This means the Mission of Hope can begin to implement plans for 2015. As you may recall this is long term project requiring tens of thousands of dollars and multiple trips of teams to Sierra Leone. Over a