Surgery to begin at Rotifunk Hospital!

Surgery to begin at Rotifunk Hospital!

Mission of Hope is very happy to report that Rotifunk Hospital in Sierra Leone will begin performing some surgeries in early May. This is possible because of leadership of God and the Holy Spirit and wonderful support received from many of you. The primary reason for beginning surgery is to be able to perform cesarean sections when needed for the safe delivery of babies, without transporting the mother and baby for hours over very rough roads.

In early February, Dr. Richard Morrison, Dr. Sam Spicer, and Dale Smith traveled to Sierra Leone with several goals in mind. First, to make input into the 2017 hospital budget process including the desire to open the Operating Room. Second, to emphasize the need to strengthen financial controls and implement a professional accounting system, and accurate statistical reporting system. Third, to visit two other hospitals in Sierra Leone to learn from their experiences. Fourth, to collect ideas for developing a sustainability plan for the hospital. This includes the requirement that all patients be required to pay for their services. I am pleased to report that the trip, along with some follow up, achieved all three goals.

Everyone we met and worked with were very warm, supportive and open. One of the highlights was the opportunity to meet with the Rotifunk Hospital Health Board. A very impressive group of professional and business leaders. Each of them has committed to make personal contributions to the hospital. We also learned that Rotifunk Haugesund will complete construction of a solar power system for the hospital next month.

Mission of Hope in partnership with the Annual Conference of Sierra Leone is making progress in returning this hospital to a premier, full service hospital, BUT there is still so much to do. Another vehicle is desperately needed, an ex-ray machine, a refrigerator, salaries for two nurses, a pharmacist, and accountant, a laundry, and kitchen are needed, just to name a few.

Donations can be made via check to Mission of Hope, PO Box 11103, Wilmington, NC 28404 or online here.


Dale Smith, Board Chair