The Next Generation

The Next Generation

Our Mission of Hope mission team will never forget couple of teenagers named Ibrahim and Muhammad. One Sunday Donna and Christina were approached by a couple of teenagers. “We’re wanting to pay our school fees for exams,” they said. “We’re worried that we’re going to have to drop out. Could you help us out a little bit?” To pay their school fees and continue middle school, they needed about four dollars. About the cost of a pumpkin spice latte in the US.

Nearly thirty kids at Arthur Schute Secondary School are orphaned or vulnerable. The principal and other teachers often pay school fees out of their pockets. Fortunately, Ibrahim and Muhammad will be continuing school for the year—all their fees have now been paid.

When Donna and Christina asked the boys what they’d like to be when they grow up, Muhammad said he’d like to work at a bank. Ibrahim said that he’d like to be a doctor or a nurse. “So that I can treat my teachers for free,” he said.

Maybe he will. Maybe when he comes back to Rotifunk Hospital, he will be the next one to bring hope to this village.

By: Reverend Christina Turner, Wrightsville United Methodist Church