The Madonna Project: Saving Mothers and Babies

In 2020, Mission of Hope and Hatfield Archer Memorial Hospital launched The Madonna Project, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at reducing maternal and infant mortality rates in the Moyamba District of Sierra Leone. The project focuses on screening and tracking expectant mothers to identify and manage risk factors early, ensuring safer pregnancies and deliveries.

The Madonna Project encourages pregnant women to enroll in this program, where their care is provided at the Hatfield Archer Memorial Hospital, by qualified medical professionals throughout the pregnancy term. The purpose of the Madonna Project is to direct pregmant mothers away from traditional birthing methods in their villages, where commuity midwives continue to use practices that are unsafe for pregnant women, often resulting in miscarriages, still births, and occasional maternal deaths.

Key Components of The Madonna Project:

Comprehensive Prenatal Care:

  • Ultrasound Tests: Every expectant mother receives an ultrasound to monitor the baby’s development and detect potential complications.
  • Risk Factor Identification: The hospital screens for hypertension, breech presentation, twins, infections, malnutrition, and active malaria. At-risk mothers are admitted to the hospital for closer monitoring and care before delivery.

Free Medical Services:

  • Neonatal Care: Newborns receive immediate and thorough medical attention to address any health issues from birth.
  • Hospital Deliveries: Mothers deliver at the hospital, where both vaginal and C-section deliveries are performed by professional medical staff with advanced facilities.
  • Postpartum Care: After delivery, mothers and babies are closely monitored to ensure they are healthy and stable before discharge.

Nutritional Support:

  • Meals at the Hospital: Mothers are provided with nutritious meals during their stay.
  • Rice Distribution: Upon discharge, each mother receives a 30-pound bag of rice to take home, supporting their nutritional needs during recovery.

Education and Follow-Up:

  • Health Education: Nurses provide vital information on postpartum care, nutrition, and health exercises.
  • Scheduled Check-Ups: Mothers are given a follow-up appointment six weeks post-delivery, during which they receive another 30-pound bag of rice and a thorough health check.

Impact and Success Stories:

Since 2020, the Madonna Project has become a household name and the hospital has become THE place to delivery babies. Women from surrounding villages now travel long distances to receive care at Rotifunk Hospital. Hospital personnel regularly visit remote villages to encourage women to enroll in the program, ensuring that even those in the most isolated areas have access to professional medical care.

The Madonna Project not only saves lives but also builds trust within the community. By providing consistent, high-quality care and support, the project is changing perceptions about hospital deliveries and modern medical practices.

Let our mission become your mission. Join us in supporting The Madonna Project and help ensure a healthier future for mothers and babies in Sierra Leone.

Madonna Project Results

Madonna Project2020202120222023 2024 (through June 30)
Total Births235290361349296
Vaginal Deliveries226263308294252
C-Section Deliveries927535544