He who gives to the poor will never want . . .

— Proverb 28:27

Once the premier hospital in Sierra Leone, Rotifunk Hospital now struggles to care for the residents of the area with limited resources. Located on 11 acres of land, the hospital has a campus of 12 buildings. The hospital serves 145,000 people in the Moyamba District, where the top health problems are malnutrition, tuberculosis, malaria, dysentery, lack of prenatal care, and lower respiratory problems.

While significant improvements have been made at the Rotifunk Hospital of Sierra Leone in recent years, there remains critical equipment, supplies, and health education needs to be filled. Current high priorities in Rotifunk Hospital include:

  • Place screens on hospital windows
  • Acquire a universal anesthesia machine to enable full anesthesia surgeries
  • Improve toilet and sewage facilities
  • Refurbish pharmacy to accommodate patient growth
  • Increase surgical supplies to accommodate more life-saving surgery 
  • Start food service for patients — family members currently have to bring food to the hospital
  • Install a laundry facility
  • Purchase a small outboard boat to reach isolated patients
  • Offer mortuary services
  • Supply hepatitis vaccines for hospital staff
  • Increase training and hospital staff

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Lab technician at Rotifunk Hospital
the poverty problem in Rotifunk, Sierra Leonw

In Sierra Leone, Africa, 1 in 100 infants dies at birth.
The average birth weight of newborns is less than 5 pounds.

Mission of Hope: Rotifunk Hospital is working hard to change these numbers through our “Madonna Project. Through this project, in prenatal and outreach clinics, expectant moms are screened for risk factors such as poor nutritional status, high blood pressure, infection or twins.

mother with newborn child in Rotifunk Hospital

These ladies are given the opportunity to stay in the hospital for 1 week prior to their due date, being fed nutritious meals while being closely monitored.

They deliver their babies at the hospital and stay 3 days after delivery to ensure the safety of both mother and baby.

Most mothers in Rotifunk cannot afford hospital stays and deliver their babies at home without medical supervision. By “sponsoring” a mom, you can change this scenario.

The total for each mom in the Madonna Project is only $90.00 for a 10-day hospital stay. Please help us help them with a donation of any amount towards this worthy project. Thank you so much!


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