1. Help with a Donation

The Mission of Hope: Rotifunk Hospital is a 501(c)3 charitable organization, which means that your financial contribution to help Rotifunk mothers and children is 100% tax deductible. We’re a volunteer organization with minimal operating expenses (intentionally), so over 87% of your donation will go directly to aid the people of this impoverished region.

A donation in the amount of:

  • $10 — Supplemental powdered formula
  • $25 — Newborn care kit
  • $50 — Mosquito nets for a family of five
  • $90 — Enrollment in the Madonna Project which includes prenatal care, delivery care, postnatal care
  • $300 — Six months food supply for Children’s Clinic
  • $500 — Conduct medical clinics in 10 remote villages
  • $1,000 — Five surgeries at Rotifunk Hospital
  • $2,500 — Water purification and bagging equipment
  • $8,000 — Staff salaries for one month
  • $20,000 — 1 wash station (includes boys and girls toilets, a water well, and hand washing stations)

Can you help our mission with a financial contribution?


Donate Online

By Check

Make your check payable to
Mission of Hope: Rotifunk Hospital
and mail to:
Mission of Hope: Rotifunk Hospital
P.O. Box 11103
Wilmington, NC 28404

Let Someone Know That You Donated in Their Name

2. Be Our Champion

Make our mission your mission. Consider hosting a fundraiser at your church, civic organization, fraternity or sorority, book club, or any group of people with whom you associate. We have a highly impactful media presentation with print materials to support your effort. We’ll even provide a presenter at your request. Fill out the form on our contact us page to request more information.

Mission of Hope nurse testing children for malaria

3. Join a Mission Team

What a rewarding experience! Watch this video — The Madonna Project — to see the amazing work that is going on to help the beautiful people of Rotifunk. To request a mission team application, please fill out the form on our contact us page (be sure to mention you’d like a mission team application in the message box).



the women and children of Rotifunk need our help