When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.

— Maya Angelou

busy maternity ward in Rotifunk, Sierra Leone

Much has been accomplished at Rotifunk Hospital, which is now having a daily impact on many people in Rotifunk Township and the surrounding area. Major improvements to the infrastructure of campus buildings has allowed for the resumption of medical practices, including surgeries. A foundation of trust and goodwill has been established with many in the community. But the gap between the health and economic standards of living for the people of Rotifunk and that which we enjoy in the United States and most western countries are still enormous. 145,000 people live in the region, and their only hope for needed medical treatment is the Rotifunk Hospital. There is much more work to be done to help these beautiful people.

Through generous financial support and mission team commitment from various religious and civic organizations like Haugesund Rotifunk of Norway and Mission of Hope: Rotifunk Hospital of North Carolina, we have accomplished the following:

  • Renovated and repainted the entire hospital complex
  • Restored and re-equipped the emergency room
  • Added a birthing/C-section surgical area
  • Developed a functional laboratory and pharmacy
  • Refurbished the maternity area with new beds, mosquito nets and increased storage
  • Provided a solar power system with back-up generator
  • Provided a deep bore fresh water well and solar-powered pumping system
  • Purchased an all-terrain Land Cruiser for staff and patient transport
  • Purchased new equipment (e.g. an ultrasound, oxygen concentrator, a cautery, an infant C-PAP machine)
  • Conducted outreach health clinics in dozens of neighboring villages, testing and treating hundreds of children for malaria and referring complicated cases to Rotifunk Hospital


solar power for Rotifunk Hospital

Toyota Land Cruiser provided to the Rotifunk Hospital

surgery in the Rotifunk Hospital

But there’s so much more help needed to raise the health and economic standards of living for this impoverished area. Make our mission your mission. Please consider a tax deductible donation or click here to see how you can help.