4th Annual HOH Yard Sale

Nov. 12, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Nov. 13, 8 a.m. to noon   Wrightsville United Methodist Church 4 Live Oak Drive Wrightsville Beach, Nc   All proceeds benefit Mission of Hope   Items include furniture, rugs, small appliances, glassware, puzzles, DVDs, jewelry, and linens.

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“Letting Girls Be Girls”

For the last six months Rotifunk Hospital, using a grant from Peace With Justice, has had an exciting new pilot program called “Letting Girls Be Girls”. Hassanatu, an energetic female health educator, has begun this program with great success. Girls 14 to 17 years of age are being educated on measures to avoid unwanted pregnancies, family planning for teen moms, personal hygiene, and sanitation to combat infectious diseases. Currently 83 girls are enrolled in the program. Hassanatu has traveled to schools and neighboring villages as well as holding classes at the hospital, always met with growing numbers of young girls

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Bishop John Yambasu

Bishop Yambasu of Sierra Leone Area Conference Has Passed Away

Rotifunk is saddened to have learned that Bishop Yambasu of Sierra Leone Area Conference has passed away following a tragic automobile accident on August 16, 2020. Bishop John K. Yambasu is the Resident Bishop of the Sierra Leone Area, which includes the Sierra Leone Conference in the West Africa Central Conference of the United Methodist Church. Bishop Yambasu visited Wrightsville United Methodist Church several times and his passion and heart for the impoverished people in remote areas of the Conference helped forge the creation of MOH:Rotifunk. We will forever be inspired by his leadership. Read more about his life and

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COVID-19 and Rotifunk Hospital

COVID-19 and Rotifunk

Earlier this April, as the news of COVID spread across the country, Mission of Hope began studying the effects of this virus and how it could affect Rotifunk. With the help of YOU, our donors, and the North Carolina Conference of the UMC, we have provided Rotifunk Hospital with the funds they need to attain the proper PPE needed to fight this virus. This includes hand sanitizers, gloves, drapes for bed separation, and much more. If this disease does reach Rotifunk, the battle ahead will be hard. Mission of Hope is committed to helping in any way possible. With your

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February 2020 update from Rotifunk

February Statistics from Rotifunk

February statistics from Rotifunk: Number of women registered into Madonna – 45 Number of Madonna deliveries (including a set of twins and a c-section) – 9 Number of Outreach trips 5 Number of Madonna Pregnant Women seen at Antenatal clinic – 188 patients seen on the combined 5 outreach visits Watch this video by outreaches in December, when the Mission Team was there.

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