Saving and Changing the Lives of Mothers and Children

Mission of Hope: Rotifunk Hospital is committed to safeguard the health of women and children in Rotifunk, Sierra Leone

Thousands of people with treatable health conditions die every day in Sierra Leone due to inadequate resources — clean water, electricity, medical euipment and supplies, medicines and skilled healthcare workers. This is why Mission of Hope: Rotifunk Hospital is helping to rebuild, staff, and make operational a full service, high-quality hospital and community health center in Rotifunk.

Mission Goals

  • Substantially reduce mother, newborn, and childhood mortality rates
  • Maintain a sustainable source of clean water and power for the hospital
  • Equip the hospital to provide needed medical services
  • Hire, train, and maintain the required hospital staff
  • Implement health and education programs in the community that build support for the hospital and make it self-sustainable
surgery in the Rotifunk Hospital

Our Vision

To share God’s love with the people of Sierra Leone by facilitating a self-sustainable, high quality and fully functioning health care facility and community health care program that serves Rotifunk Township and the surrounding area.


With help from people like you, we can save and change lives. Make our mission your mission. Please consider a tax deductible donation to Mission of Hope: Rotifunk Hospital or click here to see how you can help.

mother and newborn in Rotifunk Hospital maternity ward
much needed supplies arrive at Rotifunk Hospital
primary school boys in Rotifunk