Be Careful What You Wish For!


This is a phrase spoken by many parents. I have never totally understood its meaning, UNTIL NOW!!

Since 2013, Mission of Hope has wished, prayed and worked toward the goal of more expectant mothers coming to Rotifunk Hospital to safely deliver their babies. Initially only one or two mothers per month were delivering at the hospital, mostly due to their inability to pay and a long history of stigma associated with hospitals.

Then came the “Madonna Project” and your support. Outreach teams travelled to remote villages to share the news of a caring hospital staff ready to help mothers have a beautiful delivery experience at no patient cost. The word spread and mothers began arriving and arriving. In May of this year, 35 healthy babies were delivered in Rotifunk without any mother or baby deaths. This is a huge success and we have gotten “what we wished for…”.

Consequently, we’ve had to add maternity beds, staff, and increased food allotments. We now wonder if our budget can keep up with this fulfilled wish to help more mothers and babies. We are working harder now on fundraising and hope that the wonderful results will continue to touch donors’ hearts.

We pray (and wish) for your continued support. Thanks be to God and you for saving mothers and babies.

– Pam Moffett